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Flying with an airline that has lenient policies is all we look for. Airlines that have strict policies make it difficult for all the people to travel with them. Though there are so many airlines people want to fly with the ones who cater to the needs of its flyers. One of the issues which people face a lot is the baggage fees and allowance. Some airlines have very strict policies related to baggage which makes people reluctant to choose that airline. Not just the baggage policies but its charges matter equally. Not everyone can afford to pay a lot of amounts. So, finding an airline with the right fee structure might be a task. Are you facing the same issue and it is getting difficult for you to find the airline for your next travel? No worries, the information here will help you in endless ways. Spirit airlines baggage fees are made in such a way that all flyers can afford them. The airline which is most reliable when it comes to the most economical baggage fee is Spirit airlines. Not just the fees, even the allowance and policy are very lenient and made according to the needs of all flyers. Continue reading to find all the information about spirit airlines baggage fees. Let’s get to know about the baggage policy first and then all about the fee.

spirit airlines baggage fees structure

The baggage policy of spirit airlines-

People want to carry both handbags and other luggage when they plan for any trip. No individual wants to leave any of their favourite stuff while going for a trip. An individual wants to make sure that they don’t have cut on any of their stuff. Keeping this in mind, spirit airlines have made their baggage policy. As per the policy, one can carry one personal item or bag without any cost. If you have any bag whose dimensions are bigger than the usual handbag then you need to purchase it along with your air ticket. The dimensions of the personal item must not be more than 45 x 35 x 20cm.

Spirit Airlines Carry-On Baggage

The reason why passengers have to pay for the baggage is that the price of tickets is very low. So, spirit airlines charge for additional baggage charges. An individual needs to buy both checked and carry-on baggage. For the carry one baggage, an individual should not exceed the dimensions 56 x 46 x 25cm.

About spirit airlines baggage fees for carry-on baggage-

The fee for this type of baggage varies. If you bought the spirit Airlines ticket using the online process then the fee is about $37. On the other hand, if you buy it at the time of online check-in then the fee reaches $45. This is the standard amount, but when you reach the airport, you need to from $55-$65. The table here will help you understand all about the spirit airlines baggage fees in a much better way.

Type of baggage During Online Check-In (Standard Fee) During Online Check-In
Carry-On Bag $41 $50
1st Checked Bag $36 $45
2nd Checked Bag $46 $55
3rd-5th Checked Bag $91 $100

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage

People who make bookings for spirit airlines are not eligible for any checked baggage free of cost. The weight of this kind of baggage must not be more than 45 kgs. And the dimensions for this type of baggage is 158 cm(L+H+W). The table here will make it easy for you to know about spirit airlines baggage fees in detail. The table represents the baggage fee at different times-

Baggage Type Standard Fee at the time of booking During the Booking ($9 Fare Club) Before Online Check-In (Standard Fare) Before Online Check-In ($9 Fare Club)
Carry-On Bag $31 $40 $41 $50
1st Checked Bag $26 $35 $36 $45
2nd Checked Bag $36 $45 $46 $55
3rd-5th Checked Bag $81 $90 $91 $100

*It is important to know that the number of checked baggage depends on the destination you are travelling to.

What if you have excess baggage?

There are times when flyers have to carry excess baggage. So, in that case, too there are some specific rules laid which people need to follow. The spirit airlines baggage fees for the excess baggage are decided according to the weight or dimensions an individual carry. The table below will help you know all about the fee per bag. One needs to calculate it according to the number of excess baggage they carry with them.

Excess dimensions or weight Fee per bag
18-23kg +$35
23-32kg $60
32-45kg $100
158-203cm $100
203cm $150

All about “My baggage”-

To provide people with flight tickets at the lowest prices, spirit airlines fee baggage is charged. But this does not mean that you need to spend a huge amount for carrying the excess baggage. There are times when an individual has a lot of baggage with them and they are scared if they need to pay a huge amount for it. But this isn’t true at all. Spirit airlines make sure they provide a solution for all their passengers and their budget for a trip isn’t disturbed in any way. So, if you have a lot of baggage and it exceeds the dimensions and weight, then “my baggage” is your friend. My baggage allows an individual to carry a huge weight of 30 kgs per bag or suitcase. This type of baggage allows you to ship huge weights at very fewer prices. Through this option, you can add whatever number of bags you want. You can ship your luggage and travel without any weight. In addition to this, you even don’t have to spend time in checking-in your bags. This will save a lot of your time at the airport. If you find that you need to rely on this service given by spirit airlines then you can do it all easily. Just book online and “my baggage” will be there to get your luggage. And the team will do the delivery of your luggage with proper care. Your luggage will reach its destination. In addition to all this, you can even track your luggage and get updates via SMS. The team of spirit airlines provides this service for over 200 countries in the world.

About Spirit Airlines Exceptional Baggage

Like all other baggage, spirit airline has a separate policy for exceptional baggage too. The table below will help you in understanding the spirit airline baggage fee for different types of baggage.

Type of baggage Charges per way
Golf Clubs Charges are same as checked bags (additional charges for overweight charges)
Snowboards or skis Charges are same as checked bags (additional charges for overweight charges)
Surf Board (one can carry maximum two surfboards in one bag) $100
Bicycle $75

This was the complete and detailed guide on spirit airlines baggage fees which an individual should know if they are flying with Spirit Airlines .

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