Terms and conditions on the website are related to your service, personal data, your registration process, account (including any billing policies). Our terms of service explain what visitors are allowed to do and what they must avoid doing while our website. In case you disagree with Spiritaaofficalsite.com Terms and Conditions, you can stop or cease using the website. So, if you wish to use this website, you are presumed to abide by the terms and conditions.

Compliance with terms and conditions

We suggest you must adhere to these terms of services before signing up or using our service of your use. If you proceed to agree with our terms and conditions that means that you understand the policies and conditions of the organization. Make sure that if you do not agree with our terms of service, then you will not be able to use our website. You cannot use our website if you do not accept all of the terms and conditions. So, before continuing, go through the terms and expressly prove that you adhere to them and access the website.

Content Usage

Spiritaaofficialsite.com provides some Intellectual Property Rights, which means customers are liable to access only some services which fall under the rights. Visitors on our website are not permitted to edit, overwrite, modify, or duplicate any material and content present on the website. 'Content' in this context refers to any text, audio, video, images, or any other material that you choose to display on our Website. In contrast, visitors who agree with the policy are allowed to use the contents of the website for reference purposes only. Our collected material and website posts are used as a consumer guide, and we preserve the rights over our contents. If anyone does not agree with our terms and conditions of the Spiritaaofficialsite.com website, then we might take strict steps against them. So as a website user, you are also advised to remember your responsibilities to go through these regulations and follow them.

Basic guidelines

Spiritaaofficialsite.com reserves the right to cancel the repayment process through original payment gateways and your reservation at given any disagreement you might have before departure. In case of any event shall we, nor any of our directors, officers, and employees held liable for in anything emerging out of or in connection with your use before departure. As per our conditions, we shall not be responsible or liable for any of the following events:

  • Diseases, accidents, and death.

  • Delay or sudden plan changes in travel due to the flight

  • Any inconsistencies in available airline services.

  • A mistake committed by the Airline agent

Changes in terms and conditions

We have a right to change conditions without any warning. We can change terms and conditions from time to time because of the competitive travel industry. You may need to review the updated terms and conditions regularly as we will not be responsible for reminding the user regarding the changes that have been made. Make sure that you read the updated Terms of Service carefully before agreeing to our service so that you visit our site and purchase our goods.

Currency conversion

We suggest that before proceeding with our currency converter you make sure that you have gone through and accepted all the conditions. As currency prices are dependent on multiple outlets that are permitted to the public. Make sure that tariffs are not reliably checked, and final expenses might differ. We and our vendors do not allow the use (except for personal use) of the information for any other purpose. We also do not permit forbidding the resale, transfer, and use of our information for any commercial purposes. We strive to provide accurate information but Spiritaaofficial.com and our suppliers do not guarantee the rate of accuracy. We recommend you to contact any trained expert to check the accuracy if you are using it for financial purposes.

Third-party links

We can include third party’s links on your sites for your advantage. But we do not endorse or promote their products as well as their services. It is consumers' responsibility to go through their terms of Services and other policies before accessing their goods and services. We don't handle the knowledge of third-party policies and conditions so you are advised to read it as you will be liable for your actions.

Use of bulletin/chatroom and Other communication platforms

Spiritaaofficialsite provides various bulletin boards, conferences, surveys, chat rooms, and other communication facilities. Customers can use these forums to send and receive messages and content that are relevant to the Forum only. But while the user uses the Forum, they cannot perform the sets as given below:

  • Defame, abuse, threaten, or otherwise breach others' human rights

  • He/she cannot write, publish, share or transmit any material or information.

  • No one can upload files that contain software or any other content protected by intellectual property law

  • You can download files containing malware, viruses, or programs that can harm other computer operations.

  • No one can remove any uploaded file, author's assignments, patented logos, and legal notices.

  • You cannot advertise, sell, or participate in polls, tournaments, competitions, letters, or anything related to your business purposes.

For any help, inquiries, or complaints regarding our terms and condition or our services, you can feel free to email us. Users can also reach out to us directly via phone or visit Spiritaaofficialsite.com for immediate help.

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